Walnut Kernel PC 2-6 mm

Walnut Kernel broken pieces
Type: sizes vary from 4 to 6 mm diameter, i.e. particle does not pass through the screen openings 2 mm
Cultivation Type: pure, organic;
Purity: 99, 9%;
Style: Dried;
Moisture: <5, 5% Packaging: 10 kg five-layer cardboard boxes; Certification: ISO 22000; Grade: A; Use: Food industry, confectionary, bakery; Place of Origin: Ukraine; Mix of color: mix of extra, light, light amber, not darker than light brown and/or lemon-yellow; Packaging Details: Carton box/polybags a 10 kg net or polyethylene vacuum bags (2x5kg). All materials used concerning the products are Food Grade;

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