Bee bread

Bee bread is a fermented mixture of bee saliva, plant pollen, and nectar that the worker bees use as food for the larvae and for young bees to produce royal jelly. Bee Bread increases its’  nutritional value due to the fermentation process performed by worker bees.

Beebread is about 20% proteins, 24-34% carbohydrates and 1,5 % of lipids.  BeeBread has a large variety of minerals and has high quantities of iron, cobalt, phosphorus, calcium. It is one of the richest natural foods containing selenium . Beebread is also an excellent source of potassium and B-group vitamins. Amino acids, which are predigested for easy assimilation in the ratio that the human body needs, constitute about 15% of the dry substance in beebread. It is a natural nourishing supplement rich in phytohormones, flavonoids, amino acids, minerals and other active biological compounds, with bioavailability at least three times more than regular bee pollen. This complex of vital substances determines the immune stimulating nature of Bee Bread.

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